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7 Common Eye Care Myths – Debunked!

7 Common Eye Care Myths – Debunked!

One of the most sensitive organs in our body, our eyes are subject to many myths and old wives tales. When it is a matter of sight, it is better to chaff out facts from fiction. From disbelieving hysteria around contact lenses to the killing fields that are the close quarters between eyes and screens, you have heard it all. We help you wade through the fog of paranoia around eyes and tell you what is right from wrong when it comes to our visual sensory organs.

  1. Dim Lights and Reading

As dusk crept in and you were too absorbed in your book to realize it, someone in the family would switch on the lamps and chide you for not reading in proper light and prophesied your loss of vision. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Reading or working in dim light may give you bad eye strain but that’s about it. It isn’t as catastrophic to make you lose your sight.

  • Carrots and Vision

No doubts, carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A that is essential for good eyesight. But here’s the curveball, you need a small quantity of this essential vitamin for your eyes to function properly.

  • Eye Exams are for the Blind

Those who feel have 6/6 vision feel it is redundant to get their eyes checked regularly. Nothing could be father from the truth. Regular checkups go a long way in nipping any issues in the bud. Better safe than sorry. Even if you have vision that could put Superman to shame, get your eyes tested at regular intervals.

  • How Much and From Where You Watch TV Will Damage Your Eyes

There is no scientific research that seconds the belief that watching TV from close range or for too long will permanently reduce your sight. Again, it will definitely cause eye fatigue but nothing else. Children usually watch television or read their books from close to reduce their field of vision and to concentrate better. Get your children checked regularly for their sight to reduce delay in discovery of problems if there are any.

  • Cross Your Eyes

You may unflinchingly cross your heart to prove a point but might not be so flippant about crossing your eyes because of all the dire warnings you got as a child about them getting stuck there permanently. Cross your eyes all you want because they will always come back in position. You are welcome.

  • Genetics and Eye Problems

While genes do play a huge role in deciding what eye problems you will suffer from but to think that you will have all the issues that your parents had is not correct. Glaucoma is inheritable for sure but refractive errors fall in the gray area. Cataract is related to age and not to genetics while myopia and hyperopia are also genetic.

  • Eye Exercises and Vision Improvement

Unless you caught your eye issues in childhood or preteens, there is little your eye exercises will do for you. These exercises help in focusing and convergence problems but that too with a lot of time and effort. However, they will teach you how to use your present level of vision efficiently.


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