Erectile Dysfunction Is In Your Head

There comes a point in many men’s lives where they look down at their ‘little chap’ and plead with it to do its job properly. The clothes are off, the music is on, but the party just can’t get started. In fact, around half of men in the 40 to 70 age range go through Erectile Dysfunction in one way or another, and many younger men experience similar performance issues due to stress (blame that PowerPoint you were up all night planning for the morning meeting), tiredness (blame that PowerPoint…), or the effects of alcohol (looking at you, again, PowerPoint…) Naturally, with sex playing an important role in our emotional and personal lives, drug companies have come up with some pretty effective solutions to help men who cant get an erection.

Whats in Kamagra?

One drug aimed at the Erectile Dysfunction market is called Kamagra. This is the trade name for a drug containing sildenafil citrate, the same active ingredient from the world-famous Viagra. It works by blocking a specific enzyme and relaxing the muscles, freeing up blood flow to the penis. But because Pfizer’s Viagra patent doesn’t apply in India, other companies are able to use this technology under different names and export it around the world. It’s not licensed for sale or use in the UK, however.

Is Kamagra for ED Safe?

It’s illegal to buy Kamagra in the UK, regardless of whether it’s imported or not. It is illegal to buy prescription medications without a doctor’s prescription. Yet, some guys who want to fix their bedroom problems have turned to buying this drug online. They will do anything avoid seeing their doctor for an Erectile Dysfunction prescription. But don’t forget that doctors have seen it all. There is literally nothing that could embarrass them. But not only is it illegal to buy prescription medications without a prescription, it’s also pretty dangerous. If a website is happy to break the law sending you illegal drugs, who’s to say that they are even the drugs that have been advertised? Cheaper knock-off versions of branded drugs are rife on the black market, and with no regulation, could contain ingredients dangerous enough to kill you. And that’s definitely more disappointing for your partner than a floppy penis.

Almost nobody suffers from erectile dysfunction

Do you think you are the only one having difficulties occasionally getting things up (down under)? Take note of this: about 1 in 7 men have ED and they do not all live in a retirement home. Erectile dysfunction occurs amongst men of all ages. Although the chance of struggling with this disorder is greater if you are older, younger men can also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is in your head

Yes, that’s right. Your erectile ability can be influenced by things such as anxiety, stress or the urge to perform. But ED can also be caused by a disease (such as multiple sclerosis or diabetes), medication or problems with blood vessels. All these factors can cause for your penis to not respond properly to sexual stimuli. Erection problems are not per definition ‘psychic’.

Erectile dysfunction can’t be treated

Fortunately, this is a misunderstanding! ED is often quite easy to treat. A few examples:

  1. Erection pills such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis & Spedra are used to ensure that the blood vessels in the genitals dilate, allowing more blood flow in this area and the penis becomes stiff and will stay this way for a longer period of time.

If erection pills do not work, then there is still no reason to panic. Erection problems can also be treated in other ways:

  1. Mechanical tools. Many men benefit from a vacuum pump, also called a ‘penis pump’. This device ensures that the blood is guided to the penis so that it becomes stiff. Another commonly used tool is the erectile dysfunction ring (penis ring). This ensures that the blood cannot flow back out of the penis, so that the erection persists.
  2. Injection therapy. If you do not want to/cannot take medication, you can inject an erection agent locally through a pipette (the urethra) or a very thin needle (into the penis). The advantage of this therapy is that there is no reaction time and that there is less risk of side effects.
  3. Therapy. A therapist can help to tackle mental health problems (such as anxiety), thereby reducing sexual problems.
  4. Pelvic floor exercises can help with erection problems.
  5. Erectile prosthesis. An erection prosthesis is an implant that is applied by means of an operation in the penis. Thanks to the prosthesis, the penis can be erected by means of a pump or manually.

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