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Generic Medicine is a Revolutionary Change for life Saving Medication

What is Generic Medicine

The generic drug are the pharmaceutical drug that is the exact copy of branded drugs with same effects ricks strength as the original. It has equivalent effects as branded drugs. Generic medicine are cost effective and have significantly reduce the price upto 90% from branded drugs. India is the leading exporter of generic medicine. Earlier the cost of medicines was very high. Now a day the cost of generic medicines is very effective with almost the same cure rate. They produce after the original patent has been expired. New formulation of drug should meet the standard set by FDA

Branded v/s Generic medicine

Many people become concerned because generic drugs are often cheaper than branded medicine. But the fact is Generic drugs are exactly containing the same safety, and strength as the original drug. Cost is the main difference between generic and brand name. The FDA applies the same standards for all drug manufacturing facilities, and many companies manufacture both brand-name and generic drugs. Generic drugs may also have a different expiration date than brand-name drugs.


It refers to the same or exact copy of the drug according to FDA generic medicine should meet the exact standard of branded drugs. It must contain 80% to 125% of active ingredient that is present in branded drugs.

Why generic medicine is cost effective?

The main reason of low cost is they don’t have to face brand-name and manufacturing cost. Whereas the brand-name maker often invented the drug, a process that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Also, they have higher initial costs to develop, market. According to the FDA, the cost of generic medications, on average, 80 to 90 percent less than the brand-name.

Why generic are cost less?

Generic medicine company don’t bear the expenses of research or developing which scientifically reduce the cost and also the marketing cost gets reduced as the drug is already present in the market which scientifically reduced Price gets reduced up to 90% when being compared with branded drugs and they are bio Equilavance which means they have the same molecular compound and strength which the top most priority.

Are they safe?

When we listen about the word ‘generic, we think low quality, cheaper and many more but they all are our myth. But for the vast majority of people, generic drugs are as safe and effective as brand-name drugs. Generic drugs have the same pharmacological effects as the brand name counterparts. Generic drugs are often cheaper because the manufacturers have not had the expenses of developing and marketing a new drug.

FDA standards for approving generic drugs?

• They Contain the same active ingredients
• They contain identical in strength, dosage form, and safty.
• Bioequivalent
• Meet the same batch requirements

Advantage of Generic medicine

• cost effective
• same result
• quality assured
• easy available
• highly safe

Do Generic drugs take longer time to work in the body?

According to research it was found that there was small difference between generic and branded drugs into the body some generic were absorbed quickly and other was late that was expected and it was also expect able generic medicine as bio equivalence that has same strength, effect and risk as of branded drugs.

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