High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men

High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men

High Blood Pressure Symptoms in Men

Famous as the silent killer, high blood pressure or hypertension is a widespread medical condition. Our heart expels blood into our arteries and they, in turn, exert pressure, much like how water flows through the pipes. When these arteries get blocked, or they narrow down, the blood pressure increases and the condition is known as Hypertension.

Since men are different from women physically and temperamentally, most diseases manifest in varied ways in both the genders. Across the world, men have higher blood pressure readings than women. Also, they suffer from this condition than their female counterparts. In spite of these findings, men receive less treatment and are less aware overall about high blood pressure. Because of all these reasons, cardiovascular diseases are higher in men than in women.

The research is not conclusive, but the primary reason that men suffer more from high blood pressure than women is the absence of estrogen in their bodies. Estrogen leads to vasodilation leading to control over the blood pressure readings.

Men should take extra care if they suffer from high blood pressure as they are more susceptible towards atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease than women. Both these medical ailments occur earlier in men than in women.

High blood pressure has many symptoms which may appear related to other organs and can be attributed to other medical conditions. If you have any of these, consult your doctor now.

Irregular heartbeat

Men who have high blood pressure show irregular heartbeats when checked.

Difficulty in breathing

High blood pressure tends to cause breathlessness in patients.

Excessive Fatigue

Unexplained and extreme fatigue is another symptom of high blood pressure.

Pain in the chest

This is one of the scary symptoms because the pain in the chest makes you feel as if you have a heart attack.

Blood in the urine

Another symptom of high blood pressure is passing bloody urine.

Problems with eyesight

People who suffer from high blood pressure have bad vision due to high ocular pressure.


High blood pressure creates confusion in the minds of the patients.

A severe Headache

High blood pressure causes increased pressure in the brain and results in headaches.

The treatment of high blood pressure in men follows specific steps. First and foremost, men are advised to include an exercise regimen in their lifestyle. Even half an hour of activity for five days a week shows tremendous improvement in the blood pressure readings. Next change in diet. Men are advised to drink no more than two drinks every day and eat healthy food. This includes daily servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. They are asked to abstain from junk food and all that food that is refined or processed. Lastly, men are advised to give up smoking.

If all these lifestyle changes don’t show much improvement in the blood pressure readings, the doctor will then turn to medications to lower the pressure.


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