How To Quit Smoking And Drinking Habits just In 30 Days?
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How To Quit Smoking And Drinking Habits just In 30 Days?

How To Quit Smoking And Drinking Habits just In 30 Days?

Every year we see about thousands of death due to alcohol and smoking and drugs, we see even the youngsters and other people falling into this trap where it is hard to turn back. Alcohol is a dangerous substance that affects our body and it is a drug that is served everywhere with a prescription if you are above 25,alcohol affects one not only physically but mentally also, it can harm one so much that can take ones life. Every year there are more and more people becoming addicted to alcohol even though knowing its harmful effects and written on each and every bottle of its that it is injurious to health people easily ignore it and take it. Alcohol if consumed in a large quantity more than one’s capacity can be fatal as mentioned above also as alcohol through blood moves to many parts of the body including brain, kidney, lungs and heart and causing related diseases. Also while drinking alcohol food plays a major role as in alcohol gets mixed with the blood and if you have a lot if food in your stomach than it gets absorbed by that food in your stomach otherwise it will be mixed with the blood and will make your body toxicities fast. same is with the weight a person who is larger in size or weight more will have much capacity and water where as a person in smaller size has less water for the alcohol to dilute .Alcohol has taken many lives and is still taking, when a person gets addicted to alcohol drinking than he is said an alcoholic.

1. One can see a person is changed to an alcoholic if you see signs like these-

2. when you cannot start your day without alcohol

3. drinking round the clock, morning, evening or during the work

4. wanting to go where it is present and avoiding the places where it is not

5. choosing a friend circle where there are people who always drink

6. need alcohol to work in everyday life

7. increased depression, and other emotional issues

A person drinking alcohol can put them in risk and can also put others in risk as well, individuals when drink also lose control over their mind and because of this can even risks their lives also and make others go face problems as well

Spotting all these risks and problems associated with drinking addiction it becomes important to treat alcohol addiction. There are various different capsules and powder to stop drinking alcohol is available in market.

Smoking- Now if we talk about smoking it is another harmful drug, as shown in mass media that it is a normal thing has promoted the tobacco use among the youth, the habit if smoking comes from parents also as the child learns from their parents and also sometimes can be genetic. It is a drug that toxicates our body and again if consumed more can cause death. Intake of tobacco, alcohol and all other varieties of drugs has severely affected the life of individuals giving various kinds of diseases, taking their lives and in fact making them handicapped, we see people having mouth cancer, lung cancer, causing bronchitis and also suffering from leprosy. There are again many natural called anti smoking drugs in ayurvedaprovided in market to get rid of this habit.

As we see smoking and drinking and other drugs have ruined many lives, and can be treated by using ayurvedic powdertostop drinking alcohol and ayurvedic anti smoking drugs in ayurvedaand both can be claimed in one product called the addiction killer ayurvedic medicines for anti smoking and drinking. The addiction killer is totally harmless and has no side effects, its highlighted feature is that it makes you quit your addiction of bad drugs in just 30 days; it’s a 30 day challenge to take you out from the world of bad practices.

Addiction killer is an odorless and tasteless ayurvedic medicine that works by changing the taste buds of the addict and then next time when the addict tries to smoke or takes a sip of alcohol he starts disliking its taste and smell and that leads the addict to antismoking drugs ayurveda way and quit drinking alcohol. Instead of taking powder to stop drinking alcohol.One can go for these tablets and see change in a month.

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