Filagra Oral Jelly (Sildenafil Citrate)


Sildenafil is used to treat male sexual function problems (impotence or erectile dysfunction-ED). Sildenafil relaxes muscles of the blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body.

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  • Equivalent Brands : Sildenafil Citrate
  • Generic Brands : Sildenafil Citrate
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How To Get Easily “Filagra Oral Jelly (Sildenafil Citrate)” in Australia, USA, UK

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What is Filagra Oral Jelly in Australia, USA, UK

It is an effective remedy having a nice flavor, which has been created in order to improve the male potency. This is one of the best solutions for those who have already forgotten what long and high-quality sex is.

Despite a large number of disagreements and fundamentally different opinions about the remedy intake and its effect, this product made a real breakthrough in pharmacology. Yes, there are exist dozens of products of similar characteristics but anyway, the popularity of that medication is growing every year.

How Filagra Oral Jelly work in Australia, USA, UK

The erection lasts as long as Sildenafil acts. The point is that at the end of the coitus a special chemical substance – PDE-5, is produced in the man’s body, which narrows the blood vessels and leads to the limp state of the penis.

Basing on researches performed by several scientific institutes Sildenafil prevents the production of that substance and as a result, the erection becomes stronger and lasts longer. In addition, this agent provokes the production of such hormone as oxytocin, which is a specific hormone responsible for romantic mood generation.

Jelly’s form of remedy works similarly to other forms of Viagra. This agent relaxes the smooth muscle of the penis, expands vessels, resulting in active blood circulation.

What does it treat in Australia, USA, UK

As other products containing the active agent this remedy, Viagra helps to overcome such issues as erectile problems. It is a sexual disorder that results in the inability to have an erection or keep the penis in an excited state.

At the same time, we should mention that without sexual stimulation the drug itself does not prolong the duration of coitus and the timing of onset of orgasm.


Who should use Filagra Oral Jelly medication in Australia, USA, UK

Of course, it must be used by men over 18 years, who periodically or permanently exhibit symptoms of erectile troubles and especially by those, who:

  • has difficulty in swallowing tablets.
  • suffers from stomach diseases.
  • appreciates own comfort.
  • likes spontaneous rendezvous when it is needed to be ready within 15 minutes.
  • is not confident in their own abilities and needs “support”.


How to Use Filagra Oral Jelly in Australia, USA, UK

Commonly, a daily dose of the main element for men suffering from sexual problems amounts to 50 mg. But you can double it to 100 mg if your doctor recommends you. Yes, it is really important to highlight, only upon the physician’s recommendation, because prior to administering the drug, we advise you to consult a professional.

Men over 60 years old must take this agent with care due to the risk of heart diseases and other concomitant conditions recurrence. Also, you should remember that you can’t take this medication simultaneously with salty, fatty, starchy, and too hot food. Complying with these rules and recommendations the product allows men to lead a glittering sexual life at any age.

You can administrate Viagra Oral Jelly once a day within 30-45 minutes prior to the expected sexual intercourse. The next sachet you can take not earlier than in 24 hours. The average duration of its action lasts about five hours. The period of drug removal from the body equals 3-5 hours.


Side-Effects Of Filagra Oral Jelly

Most frequent side effects:

Those who have a predisposition to priapism may have a painful erection lasting 4 hours or more. In this case, doctors recommend seeking medical assistance.

FAQs About Filagra Oral Jelly tablets:

1.Dosage instruction of Filagra Oral Jelly?

Commonly, a daily dose of the main element for men suffering from sexual problems amounts to 50 mg. But you can double it to 100 mg if your doctor recommends you.

2.How to storage Filagra Oral Jelly?

Store at room temperature away from light and moisture. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep all medications away from children and pets.

3.How I take Filagra Oral Jelly?

To treat erectile dysfunction-ED, take this drug by mouth as directed by your doctor, usually as needed.


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