Riscon 0.5 MD

Anti-psychotics are the psychopharmacological agents having primary effects on psyche (mental processes) and are used for treatment of psychiatric disorders.We are the manufacturer & Exporter of various types of Anti-psychotics have specific salutary effect in mental illnesses.

  • Manufacturer : Consern Pharma
  • Equivalent Brands : Risperidone 
  • Generic Brands : Risperidone 
  • Strength : 0.5mg

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About Rincon 0.5 MD

Riscon (0.5mg) is an atypical antipsychotic, prescribed for Asperger’s syndrome (difficulties in social interaction), schizophrenia (disturbed or unusual thinking), schizoaffective disorder(elevated or depressed mood), the mixed and manic states associated with bipolar disorder, and irritability in children with autism(impaired social interaction).

Riscon 0.5mg Tablet, an atypical antipsychotic medicine, is used for treating various symptoms associated with psychotic disorders. The disorders can be schizophrenia, manic depression in people with bipolar disorder or irritability in autistic children. It is believed that there is an imbalance of some neurotransmitters in the brain of people suffering from these psychotic disorders. Riscon 0.5mg Tablet helps in the restoration of this imbalance, thus treating the symptoms related to these conditions. The medicine is available in tablet, disintegrating tablet as well as in solution form.

The dosage of Riscon 0.5mg Tablet will be decided by your doctor and ensure that you follow his/her instructions. You can take this medicine with food or without. If you are taking the orally dissolving tablet, allow it to dissolve properly in your mouth and instead of chewing it. You can take it with water that will help you swallow the dissolved tablet. In case you are having it in the liquid form, make sure that you measure the correct amount.

In case of a missed dose, skip it if you are near your next dose. Do not take two doses simultaneously, as overdose of Riscon 0.5mg Tablet can cause rapid heart rate, severe drowsiness and restless movements of the muscles of the face.

The side effects of Riscon 0.5mg Tablet include headache, drooling, drowsiness, nausea, and light-headedness, a feeling of restlessness or weight gain. These mild symptoms normally go away in a few days, but in case it is persistent, a consultation with your doctor may be required. However, there may be certain side effects that will require immediate medical attention:

  • Uncontrolled movements of the muscles in the face like frowning, tongue movement and lip-smacking
  • Swelling or tenderness of the breast in both women and men missed or irregular menstruation and nipple discharge
  • High fever, sweating, tremors, uneven heartbeats, and a faint-like feeling
  • Unusual bleeding from the mouth, nose, rectum or vagina and red or purple spots under the skin – which is an indication of low platelet levels in the blood
  • Increase in appetite, feeling thirsty more often, increase in the amount of urination and nausea – all indicating high blood sugar
  • Priapism (prolonged and painful erection of the penis)

While you are on medication, avoid alcohol as it can worsen your side effects. You also need to be careful while doing activities that require alertness in your part like driving. Try to get up slowly if you are sitting or lying down to avoid an accidental fall, as you may be feeling dizzy. Apart from that, always keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids.

Information given here is based on the salt and content of the medicine. The effect and uses of medicine may vary from person to person. It is advisable to consult a Psychiatrist before using this medicine.


Side effects of Riscon (0.5mg)

  Central Nervous System: Agitation, anxiety, headache, sleeplessness.

  Gastrointestinal: Sudden low blood pressure, constipation, difficulty in swallowing, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain.

  Eye and ENT: Blurred vision, runny nose.

  Genitourinary: Impotence excess milk secretion, breast enlargement, menstrual disorders.

  Miscellaneous: Rash and allergy, extreme restlessness, involuntary movements, and uncontrollable speech symptoms (rarely), weight gain, swelling.

It may cause children to gain more weight than expected and for boys and male adolescents to have an increase in the size of their breasts.


Dosage & When it is to be taken (Indications)

The recommended initial dose is 2 mg/day by orally, increase from day 2 if necessary to a maximum of 16 mg/day.

How to use Riscon (0.5mg)?

This medication available in the form of a tablet, a solution, and an orally disintegrating tablet to take by mouth once or twice a day, with or without food


When is Riscon (0.5mg) not to be taken? (Contraindications)



Warnings and Precautions for Riscon (0.5mg)

Caution should also be exercised in patients with a history of heart diseases, liver or kidney impairment, elderly, epilepsy; Parkinsonism, and during pregnancy.

•It may make you drowsy. Do not drive a car or operate machinery until you know how this medication affects you.

•It may make it harder for your body to cool down when it gets very hot or warm up when it gets very cold.

Other Precautions for Riscon (0.5mg)

Monitor blood glucose in diabetics and patients at risk of developing diabetes.

Storage Conditions for Riscon (0.5mg)

Store at 15-25°C. Store it in an airtight container. Keep away from children.

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