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Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

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Buy Tacroz 0.1% Ointment Online is an immuno-suppressant which is used in kidney, liver, and heart transplant patients. It should be used under…

  • Manufacturer : Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • Equivalent Brands : Protopic
  • Generic Brands : Tacrolimus
  • Strength : 0.1% (10 gm)
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1. Buy Tacroz 0.1% Ointment Online

Tacroz 0.1% Ointment is an immuno-suppressant which is used in kidney, liver, and heart transplant patients. It should be used under the supervision of a qualified physician. Close monitoring of blood pressure is necessary while receiving this medicine.

2. How To Tacroz 0.1% Ointment Work?

Tacroz Forte 0.1% Ointment is an immunosuppressant that works by decreasing inflammation in the skin which causes redness and itching of the skin.

3. How To Take Tacroz 0.1% Ointment?

This medicine is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Clean and dry the affected area and gently massage the ointment. Wash your hands after applying, unless hands are the affected area.

4. Mechanism Action Of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment?

Tacrolimus belongs to the class of drugs called immunosuppressants. The drug acts by inhibiting certain enzymes that help in suppressing the body’s immune system. This prevents the release of antibodies, which enables the body to accept a foreign organ.

5. Instruction for Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

Take Tacroz 0.1% Ointment under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional. Do not take in larger amounts than advised. It is advised to take this medicine at the same time every day. Consult the doctor if you experience any undesirable effects. Do not stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor.

6. Drug interaction of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

Interaction with Alcohol

  • Description – Interaction with alcohol is unknown. It is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption.
  • Instructions – Interaction with alcohol is unknown. It is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption.

Interaction with Medicine

  • Amlodipine
  • Carbamazepine
  • Live vaccines
  • Neomycin

7. Side Effects of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

  • Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness),
  • Skin infection.

8. Warning of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

Pregnancy – This medicine is not recommended for pregnant women unless necessary. The benefits and risks should be discussed with the doctor before taking this medicine.

Breast-feeding – This medicine is known to excreted in breast milk. It is not recommended in breastfeeding women unless necessary. The benefits and risks should be discussed with the doctor before taking this medicine.

Malignancy – This medicine may increase the risk of lymphoma and other malignancies. Doctors should inform patients about these risks and advise the patient to [revent exposure of the sunlight by wearing protective clothes.

Serious infections – The chances of occurring infections are more in the patients receiving this medicine. Hold the treatment and start with the broad-spectrum antibiotics if there are any signs and symptoms of fever. Close monitoring of the body temperature and the blood cell count is necessary.

Liver impairment – This medicine is not recommended in patients with a history of liver impairment. The concentration of this medicine may increase in these patients. The baseline of the liver function tests should be obtained before starting the treatment.

Kidney impairment – This medicine is not recommended in patients with a history of kidney impairment. Close monitoring of kidney function is necessary. The dose should be adjusted based on the creatine clearance (CrCl).

Hypertension – Use with caution in hypertensive patients. Appropriate antihypertensives should be administered to control the blood pressure. Do not use medicine that may increase potassium levels.

Hyperkalemia – This medicine may increase the levels of potassium in the body and may increase the risk of arrhythmia. Close monitoring of potassium levels is necessary. Medicines that can increase the potassium levels like ACE inhibitors and potassium-sparing diuretics should be avoided.

9. Precaution of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

Wash your hands before applying Tacroz. Apply a thin layer to the areas of skin affected by atopic dermatitis (eczema).

Make sure your skin affected by atopic dermatitis (eczema) is completely dry especially after bath or shower.

Limit sun exposure during treatment even when the medicine is not applied to the skin.

Do not cover the skin being treated with bandages or dressings. You can wear normal clothing.

Avoid getting Tacroz in the eyes or mouth. If the Tacroz gets on any of these areas, it should be thoroughly wiped off and/or rinsed off with water.

Stop Tacroz when the signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis (eczema) such as itching, rash, and redness go away or consult your doctor.

Not recommended to be used for more than 6 weeks and if needed, treatment may be repeated with breaks in-between.

Can’t be used if your immune system is weak (for example, if you have cancer or are taking steroids for a long time).

Inform your doctor if you have any infection on your skin including chickenpox or herpes.

Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to conceive or breastfeeding.

Many people see an improvement in their skin in as early as one week.

Not recommended in children aged below 2 years.

10. Tacroz 0.1% Ointment Dosage

If you miss a dose of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment, take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose. Do not double your dose to make up for the missed dose. Seek emergency medical treatment or contact the doctor in case of an overdose.

11. Uses of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

Tacroz Forte 0.1% Ointment is used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. It is usually used only after topical corticosteroids or emollients have not worked for you.

12. Storage of Tacroz 0.1% Ointment

Store medicines at room temperature, away from heat and direct light. Do not freeze medicines unless required by package insert. Keep medicines away from children and pets.

Do not flush medications down the toilet or pour them into drainage unless instructed to do so. Medication discarded in this manner may contaminate the environment. Please consult your pharmacist or doctor for more details on how to safely discard Tacroz 0.1% Ointment.


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