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Vidalista Professional

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Buy Vidalista Professional Online is an FDA-approved medication used to treat erectile dysfunction problems in men. It’s the only medication proven to treat ED issues for as long as 3…

  • Manufacturer : Centurion Lab
  • Equivalent Brands : Tadalafil Tablets
  • Generic Brands : Tadalafil
  • Strength : 20 mg
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1. Buy Vidalista Professional Online

The core and active ingredient of Vidalista Professional 20 Review are Tadalafil which works for relaxing the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to particular body parts. Tadalafil under the name Cialis is aimed to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) in men & strictly not recommended to women. Furthermore, it is approved by the US FDA to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and the conditions where the ED and BPH coincide.

TadalafilProfessional is the third prescribed and recommended pill after sildenafil citrate and vardenafil as a once-in-a-day dose to cure ED. It inhibits PDE40 and thus enhances erectile function by increasing the amount of cGMP. This directly causes direct sexual stimulation of the penis.

Your Physician might vary the dosage of Tadalafil from 20mg to Professional or 60mg per day according to your physical health.

2. Who is non-eligible to take this drug?

You should prefer Vidalista only if your doctor prescribes it to you. Make sure that you have mentioned your allergies and currently consuming medicines before this drug is prescribed to you. It reacts with nitrates and is not advisable to be taken with recreational drugs. Read the ingredients properly before taking the medicine and double-check if you are allergic to any of them. Patients having cardiovascular problems, kidney and liver problems, high/low blood pressure issues, and other physical problems should disclose it to the doctor as it can prove to be unsafe to them. Other sensitivities and allergies like rashes, redness on the face, swelling, breathing problems, etc might occur.

Note: Not all allergies and sensitivities are listed. Please seek immediate medical attention in case of false reactions after the dosage.

3. Additional details you must know

It takes 48 hours for Vidalista to be disposed out of your body and hence kidney and liver patients should not take it without proper medical guidance. If you have already experienced a heart attack or stroke prior prescription of this drug, sexual activity can weaken your heart. You may also witness unusual sensitivity, numbness, blurred vision, chest pain, etc after taking the medicine. Immediately stop the sexual activity in such cases.

4. Buy Vidalista Professional from Medipharmas

Vidalista Professional Reviews – approved by the FDA and manufactured by Centurion Lab in India is a proven drug to treat ED in men for about 36 hours.

5. Why buy Vidalista Professional from Medipharmas?

• Door-step Drug Delivery – Say no to personally visiting the pharmacy.

• Genuine Products Only – Be assured to receive certified medicines from recognized Drug Labs.

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6. How to consume Tadalafil dose?

As the drug is prescribed by the doctor, it depends on whom it is recommended. Mostly it is utilized by middle-aged men. The minimum recommended dosage is Professional, which is required to be consumed 140 minutes prior to the sexual activity. Food intake before the consumption of drugs does not have any effect on the performance of medicine ingredients. The resultant effects can show up to 36 hours optimally after the dosage.

Note: Only one dosage per day is advisable.

7. Care to be taken while taking Vidalista Professional

•   You can have serious effects if you have cardiovascular disease, low/high blood pressure problems, and other critical health issues.

•    Consult the doctor if you have angina (chest pain), bleeding disorder, erection disorder (erection lasting for more than 4 hours), etc before opting for Vidalista Professional.

•    This medicine is only for the usage of men and not for w omen or children under age 18.

•   As it is already mentioned, it might cause dizziness. It depends on you how to consume the drug and prevent yourself from dizziness before driving, operating any machinery, or performing any other attention-seeking tasks.

8. Reactions in Conjunction with other Medicines

Make it very clear to your doctor regarding your current consumption of medicines as they can have negative reactions in conjunction with Tadalafil. This may involve herbal medicines or any other supplements you are taking. Recreational medicines or nitrites in any form (ointment, capsule, etc) are not a good combination together with Vidalista Professional Sublingual. Hence it gets to be essential to disclose your health history to your doctor before you are prescribed this drug.

9. Ingredient Notice

Read the ingredients carefully before consuming any drug. Tadalafil Vidalista Professional 20 mg contains Lactose which reacts abnormally with rare hereditary problems, Lapp lactose deficiency, and glucose-galactose malabsorption, and so on.

10. How to take the dose of Vidalista Professional?

The dosage will be made understood to you by your doctor and you can make your doubts clear at the very time.

These oral use tablets can be swallowed with water. Food intake does not affect the drug and hence you can take it either on an empty stomach or after a big meal.

A single dose might vary from Professional to 10 mg, which totally depends on the resultant effects on your erection. If you seek weak erection with a Professional, the dosage might be increased to 10mg per day or might be lowered to 2.Professional too if you can cope up with it as expected.

As the medicine works for 36 hours after the consumption, you can take it any time before the sexual activity. For instance, you may take it 140 minutes to 2 hours before the intimacy. You may also see active results even after 24 hours of consumption. However, it works best when taken one-half hour before sexual intercourse.

11. Buy Vidalista Professional cures erectile dysfunction problems

Vidalista Professional interacts with the production of the PDE40 hormone in men, thus relaxing the blood vessels around the penis. This increases blood flow and stimulating sexual arousal which can be witnessed after using the drug. You need to be sexually aroused in order to witness the hard erection as a result of the drug consumption and it will go away on its own after the sexual activity.

It is consumed by men to cure mild to severe erection problems and to feel aroused for long during sexual intercourse. It is a proven medicine for a long-lasting erection for about 36 hours. The arousal starts to show-up 30 minutes after the consumption hence you can take the drug accordingly.

12. Side effects of Vidalista Professional

In order to prevent the side effects, you should disclose your health issues well in advance with your doctor. Usually, the side-effects don’t last for more than 48 hours at the maximum but if you don’t notice any improvement, seek immediate medical attention. Here are the possible side effects listed:

•    Skin allergies

•    Breathing Problems

•    Decreased/Loss of Hearing

•    Painful / Prolonged Erection

•    Dizziness

•    Chest Pain

•    Swelling of Body Parts (face, lips, eyelids, etc)

•    Body Pain or Sudden Weakness

•    A headache

•    Diarrhea

•    Blurring/Loss of Vision

Note: All side effects might not be listed. Please seek immediate medical attention in case of false reactions after the dosage.

13. Why would you Trust Vidalista Professional to cure your ED?

Numbers of ED treating medicines are available in the market but Vidalista Professional is a trusted and recommended drug to cure ED and for long-lasting erection. It has proven to be 78% successful in satisfactory sexual activity even with the men who claim to have some minor health problems.

14. Vidalista Professional turns out to be distinct as compared to similar medications in the following respects:

•    The boosted frequency of Orgasms

•    Long-lasting erection

•    Harder erection

•    Increases sexual satisfaction and enjoyment

For any further queries or information, feel free to contact our support team.


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7 reviews for Vidalista Professional


    It was the first time I bought at an online pharmacy, was very affraid that would be a fraud, price was the lowest and to good to be true, experience was excellente, it was shipped to US in less than 10 days. I would highly recommend this online pharmacy to anybody and will continue buying drugs for my parent. Very grateful I found you guys


    I received my package quicker than I expected, very trustworthy site I’ve purchased from numerous times…


    Delivery was quick, prices are great and very responsive in answering your questions. You get updates on the status of your order


    Excellent service and communications – you always know the status of your order. Shipping is quick, and quality is very, very good.


    everything I have ever ordered from this company has always arrived in a timely manner, well packed and intact. the staff has also always been very helpfull, quick to respond ,very knowledgeable. I will continue to order from this company for a long time.


    Company had super fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Will absolutely order again. Thanks!


    Vidalista is stunning. I lean toward it over levitra and Viagra. I had a go at everything. vidalista makes you shake hard. Trust me, this isn’t a promotion. I couldn’t care less what you purchase, only my own understanding. Symptoms, bit of a surge in your face, ear clamor, mmm that is it

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