Tips to Maintain Both Physical and Mental Health
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Tips to Maintain Both Physical and Mental Health

Tips to Maintain Both Physical and Mental Health

Mental health or physical health? Let’s look at what each means first. The mental/emotional health of a person is how well he can manage himself psychologically. That includes how well you manage your relationships, how you feel about yourself and how you manage difficult situations.

Physical health, on the other hand, is the state in which a person is physically fit. That is determined by actively you participate in activities and how much work/exercise is part of your daily routine.

Importance of mental health

Better physical health

The connection between the mind and the body is very strong. When you are experiencing physical pain, your work life, and your family life, both will be effected negatively. This can lead to anxiety and depression. When a person who is experiencing mental and physical problems, goes to see a doctor, the doctor will mostly focus on the physical complaint of the patient. However, if the mental health problem is resolved, patients experience an improvement in their physical health as well.

Less stress on the family

If a person in a family has any mental illness, the other individuals of that family will be affected by it too. For example, the children of a person with an unstable mental health condition are more likely to be abused and neglected than others. As they can’t approach their parents for help, they seek it elsewhere and eventually isolate themselves.

A longer life

Mental health issues can result in a decrease in your life span.  Since mental health issues result in depression and anxiety, they often lead to fatal heart diseases. So, take good care of your body as well as your mind, not just to live a longer but, also a better life.

Types of mental health problems

Stress and anxiety

This can affect you mentally and physically as well. It gets harder to concentrate and make decisions; you lose your tendency to control your temper and keep your sense of humor.


This is a lot more common than you think. You know you are depressed when you feel hopeless and worthless. Losing your appetite and avoiding your friends is also a sign that you are depressed.


This is the kind of mental health issue in which people injure themselves and see it as a way to deal with their problems. People with this mental health issue cut and burn themselves.


Psychosis is the kind of mental health issue that affects how a person thinks. Sometimes you may just have one episode and never experience it again, but sometimes it may continue over a long time. It is advised to see a psychologist if you are facing this kind of mental health issue. Symptoms include very high or low mood swings and feelings of agitation.

Eating disorder

You probably did not know that an eating disorder is also considered a mental health issue. You would have heard of the word ‘Anorexia’, which is associated with being too underweight. In this disorder, food is the way that people see to cope with problems. You will have difficulty-sleeping, feel cold more often than usual, feel more tired than normal, and have mood swings.

Link between mental health and physical health

According to research, there is a 67% increase in deaths due to heart diseases, which are linked to depression. This is due to people with mental health issues not getting proper physical health care attention. Good physical health helps and maintains good mental health.

Good physical health is proved to reduce anxiety. We all know the old saying “When you look good, you feel good.” Exercising is a mood enhancer so if you are a person who has a regular exercise you would have encountered a stability in your mood. A 10-minutes yoga practice every morning is a very good to boost up your body in a lighter way. 

A person with mental health who is also facing physical health issues is very likely to avoid social interaction. It has been proven that physical health issues often interfere with the treatment of depression.

How to improve your mental and physical health

· Maintain a good eating habit; balanced diet

· You should exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week for 45 minutes

· Spend time with those people who care about you

· Try to do things that are achievable

· Get proper 6-7 hours of sleep so that when you wake up, you feel fresh

· Make time for activities that you enjoy

The truth that can’t be neglected is that physical health can’t be separated from mental health. A person’s daily life is interrupted when a person is not mentally stable. So, pay attention to your mental health and do your best to maintain it. This will not only benefit the people around you and help you have good relationships but also support good physical health.

Psychological and physical measures can be taken to enhance your mental health. Obviously, you can always consult a psychologist in times of need but when you can be your helper then why consult others? Keep your life right by making the right decisions.

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